Morphological Image Toolbox

This is a sample implementation (in C++) of morphological opertations as applied to grayscale images.

It was developed during an Image Processing course at Unicamp - the State University of Campinas, Brazil.

It implements: Dilation, Erosion, Convolution, Median, Modulo, Magnitude, Threshold, Reconstruction, Pesudo Maxima, Pseudo Minima.

It also implements a simple scripting language to use the operations. Sorry for the lack of documentation, see included scripts ( *.mit ) and online help for reference

The system is made out of two programs, mit and xmit.

xmit requires GTK+ 1.2.1 to compile and run. You can find it at

MIT is distributed under the GNU General Public License, read the file COPYING for details.


To compile the system:

binaries will remain in the /src directory.


X11 front-end:
mit -q < script


Please go to the file list page for a list of all releases to date.

For more information refer to the project page.

September 2000 (not updated since then, and won't be)